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tv_tropes's Journal

tv tropes → tropes-contest about telefilms/movie
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Welcome to tv_tropes: a weekly challenge icon community dedicated to tropes-contest and open to all of you, wonderful iconmakers! Your mod for this community is waaywardson, feel free to join/watch and suggest ideas! (to find out what is a trope, follow this link). || css @ ohcodey

↔ for each challenge, we'll give different tropes to work on.
↔ to make your icons you can choose: any fandom you wish to work with (even different for every icon), and make as many icons as you want!
↔ do not copy other people's work! imagination is more important than knowledge.
↔ all the icons will be public, no exception.
↔ before to make icon's post public, it must be approved by me.
↔ icons must be 100x100 pixels and fit lj's standard.
↔ if you partecipate, check and leave a comment in the post of the other participants.